Thursday, June 23, 2011

cakes,cakes and more cakes!

hello in this post i want to show you some of my past work. a little warning to you the pictures are not some of the best but here we go!

this cake was for my grandmothers birthday it was a big hit!

one of my favorites! a really cute jungle theme cake

a sweet small cake for a friend of mine                   

a scooby snacks cake for Damian                                       

a sponge bob cake for my little cousin                   

cupcakes for a sweet 16                                       

some more sweet 16 cupcakes                                          
cupcakes for a coworker                                       

these are some of the past work i have done like i said its a work in progress :)
i will be back to show you some more cake. i hope to have some tutorials for you soon thanks for stoping by 
 smile on!

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